METROPOLIS Pictures for free download (pls send copy of any use)

download the zipped original file by click on the picture

or better use right mousebutton and as.. (choose where to save on ur harddisk

(2mB dl size means 5 minutes with modem and less than 1 min with DSL)

1967kB_zipped TIF File (3475kB)

1967kB_zipped TIF File (3475kB)

4319kB_zipped TIF File (5682kB)

574kb _zipped TIF File (880kB)

1679kB_zipped TIF File (3635kB)

125kB_zipped TIF File (556kB)

LOGO TIF File you can use this jpg files also for websites (less quality) by just right click and as...

this one looks also good in inverted mode just use the original file and manipulate

as PCX (zipped)